Another reason TADApix has been so successful is our revisions policy. We offer unlimited revisions before going to final animation, so you can be sure you’ll end up with a video you love. Now, science hasn’t yet figured out a way for you to physically hug the videos we create, but we’re working on it.
Next time you’re in a bind trying to explain a concept that’s much bigger than a simple conversation, think of us. We’re here to help your idea pack the same punch as it did the first glorious moment it sprang to mind! Imagine the crowd from earlier, cocktails in hand, gathered around a screen. A hush falls over the room, oohs and ahhs abound. You’ve now set the stage for an influx of clients like you’ve never seen. Heck, some of your competitors might even come to you for advice! While we can’t prepare you for the sweet satisfaction you’ll get from that conversation, we can get you started toward having an entertaining, eye-catching, and thoughtfully made animated video today!
It’s Friday night. You’re at a gathering of potential clients and find yourself in a familiar predicament. The conversation turns to what your company has to offer. Juggling big words and even bigger ideas, the conversation grinds to a halt. You know exactly what you mean in your head but it would be too hard to explain in such a casual setting. A shrug and a nervous laugh caps off your word salad—potential opportunities squandered over a lack of brevity and clarity. That’s where we come in.
The benefits of hiring TADApix, an all-in-one animated marketing studio in Los Angeles.
We’re more than an animation and motion graphics production studio. The reason why we’ve been in business for eight years is that we. do. it. all. We go above and beyond other production companies by handling the writing, animating, editing, and overseeing everything in between. You can be fully engaged with the process or as hands-off as you’d like. It really is up to your preference!
Our talented team of media magicians is Los Angeles-based and works in-studio, so you can rest easy knowing your video is being crafted with care, not being labored over in a sweatshop overseas. No bait-and-switch here! Since we’re all in the same building, we can ensure efficient communication at every step of the way, and a speedy turnaround to boot. One benefit of having such a quick turnaround is that we’re always onto the next project. We never get bored and neither will you! We’ll animate in any style you can dream up. 2D, 3D, rotoscope, infographic, trim-and-tidy, loosey-goosey—throw us anything and we’ll make it happen. We’re always happy to look at any references you might have in mind to find an aesthetic that works for you. Our team is flexible and capable when it comes to art and animation style, so we can craft your video’s look and feel with your feedback as your shiny new marketing tool progresses.  Home  Process  Our Work  Clients  Company  Contact  Testimonials